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Leading The Way With Results

ELITE RECOVERY SERVICES (ERS) is a receivables management company offering a performance-based, third party solution for managing delinquent accounts. With over $4 Billion in receivables in the last year, ERS remains a leader in receivables.

Our credit management solutions enable Clients to focus on their base lending and customer service practices. We take over the most difficult part of the lending cycle, managing and collecting deficiencies. The results are undeniable. Our Clients see a significantly higher recovery rate, increased Customer satisfaction and lower operating expenses. We Specialize in student loan and attorney collections, However we can offer our services in many more industries.

Leading The Way With Experience

With over 28 years under its belt, ERS offers financial institutions the strength of experience lacking in alternative solutions. In addition, we offer our Clients the benefit of diverse expertise. Our company leads the collection industry in such markets as banking, automotive finance, mortgage lending, retail and commercial lending.

We are bonded and insured, and maintain a separate, independently audited trust account for all moneys collected on behalf of our Clients.

Leading The Way With People

ERS prides itself on its people. Their excellence, integrity and depth of knowledge are unmatched in the debt collection industry. They not only work towards the Client’s financial goals, but they also protect the Client’s interests.

Some of our employees have been with the company since our existence, a rarity in the debt collection industry. They stay with us, because they have achieved success for our Clients. In turn, they reap the rewards as one of the highest paid staffs in the industry. Consequently, our employee longevity means better care for you the Client — another reason why ERS is able to achieve Client longevity as well.

ERS currently employs nearly 100 and is capable of even greater expansion. Our newest edition of a remote GARLAND Texas office has further expanded the abilities of the services we can offer our clients.

Leading The Way With Technology

Our company has always believed that technology should enhance service, not complicate it. Under this philosophy, we have developed systems that bring our results to your fingertips.

Our systems offer Clients:

Up-to-the-moment status and analysis reports

Interface flexibility: we can integrate with your system or you access ours or even a combination of both.

Our batch tracking system. Accounts that enter together stay together. New accounts are new batches and are tracked separately. This system gives you a more accurate picture of what is happening with your accounts.

Two-way communication between the Client and the Collector, one of the many reasons our professionals have a closer understanding of the Client-Customer relationship.

Our collection system offers the flexibility and power of the larger companies without sacrificing the Customer attention inherent to smaller, more focused companies.

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